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Sooji bread dosa


1 cup Semolina/ Sooji

1 cup Sides of bread/ bread crumbs (finely ground)

1 cup Sour curd

1 to 2 Green chilies

1 medium Onion

Handful chopped fresh coriander

1 inch Ginger

1/2 cup Water

Oil to drizzle

Salt as per taste


  • Grind green chilies, ginger, onion and coriander into fine paste

  • Mix semolina/sooji, ground sides of bread, ground paste, salt with sour curd and water. Leave it for 30min to soak well.

  • Heat dosa tava or griddle on medium flame. Sprinkle few drop water, if the water sizzles and evaporates, griddle is hot enough to make dosa.

  • Drizzle about 1/2 tsp of oil (you can even skip this if it is a nonstick tava), take a ladle full of batter and pour it in the center of the griddle and spread evenly in spiral motion

  • Now apply, 1/2 tsp of oil around the edges and let it cook, after few minutes flip and cook on the other side

  • Once lightly brown from both sides, take it off the griddle and serve with coriander or coconut chutney

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