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Coriander Parmesan Pasta

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Flavorful Italian dish


1/2 packet Pasta (can use spaghetti/ penne)

1 cup Coriander

1 cup Bell peppers (cut into cubes)

1 packet Mushrooms (sliced)

3 tbsp Parmesan cheese

5 to 6 Garlic cloves

Handful Pine nuts/ Cashews and almonds

1 1/2 ltr Water

1 tbsp Chili flakes

1 tbsp Italian herbs

5 tbsp Olive Oil

Salt to taste


  • Boil water, add some salt, pasta and 1 tbsp of oil. Cook as directed on the packet. Drain and add cold water or ice to the drainer to ensure pasta cools down

  • Wash coriander, grind it with pine nuts/ almonds and cashews, 1 tbsp olive oil into smooth paste

  • Crush garlic/ chop it fine. Heat remaining oil; add garlic, chili flakes and Italian herbs and saute for a minute

  • Add bell peppers and mushrooms and cook till mushrooms are done

  • Add coriander paste and cook for a couple of minutes

  • Add pasta and salt as desired. Mix well. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese.

  • Serve hot. You can add more olive oil and cheese for garnishing.

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