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Coriander chutney


1 bunch Coriander

1/2 cup Groundnuts

1 medium size Lemon juice

1 inch piece Ginger

2 to 3 Green chilies (as per your taste)

1/2 cup Water

1/2 tsp Sugar (or just enough to adjust tangy taste due to lemon)

Salt to taste


  • Separate out coriander leaves and wash them thoroughly to ensure no sand or soil is left

  • Add groundnuts, chilies, ginger, and salt in the grinder and grind it into fine paste without adding water

  • Now add washed coriander leaves with lemon juice, sugar and little water (do not add all the water as it needs to be adjusted as per consistency requirement or your choice). Grind mixture finely into a paste.

  • Taste and add salt or sugar or spice if need be

  • Transfer it in a bowl or container to store (you can put it in freezer for future use)

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