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Today, we have easy access to various types of cuisines. Even if you cannot travel to a restaurant; mobile apps bring restaurants to you. Back than in 90’s who would have thought in future we will get the taste of Japanese Sushi, sitting in some restaurant in India somewhere. Times have changed.

​I am a proud kid of 80’s and 90’s era – the golden period of our lives in many ways. On one hand while we were excited about all new things happening, on the other we savoured old school lifestyle which included freshly home cooked meal everyday all day. From breakfast to school lunch box, from growing curry leaves in pots or house varandah to grinding spices at home, everything was home made. And that is where the journey of my love for food and cooking began. However, for mom it was since she was a child, way back in 60’s.

During 90’s, summer vacation used to be quite different. Nowadays, we go for family holiday to various destinations, whereas, during that time all we did was pack our bags and run to visit our maternal grandparents. Both my grannies were excellent cooks however I owe it all mostly to my maternal granny and mom. ​​Some of my best and most precious memories are from grannies and mother’s kitchen. Me, mom and brother, all of us are passionate about cooking and as a family of 5 we all are ofcourse quite passionate about eating as well!! Though after college I have gotten busy with my corporate life, mom continues to take small catering, pickle and homemade spices order. I try to support her during my visits back home or by motivating her over the call. This blog is a small additional effort towards a dream mom has seen.

​We begin our journey in food business in 90’s to support our home. Since than from need to hobby it has turned into passion for us. It began with cooking classes, making khakhras (gujarati delicacy) to taking up small catering orders. ​Since, though small, it grew. Mom hasn't looked back. From winning number of cooking competitions to taking cooking classes to taking catering or small tiffin orders to being invited to be a Guest Chef twice at Radisson Blu, Cavelossim, Goa to being felicitated at Mahila Mandal, Margao Chapter it has been an enriching journey. 

​It all does not start or end in our kitchen, we also travel a lot to experience new places, new food, new spices, new techniques to come back and experiment with it in our kitchen.

You all are welcome to be part of our journey. Be part of our lunch, dinner and travel through this site and our social media pages. Follow us if you haven’t yet.

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